Visitation leaves Carmignano

Visitation leaves Carmignano

The big day has finally arrived: The Visitation left for the long journey in search of support for the renovation of its house, the Church of Santi Michele e Francesco in Carmignano, Prato, Italy.

Spostatmento del dipinto

On the morning of May 3 our church was in full swing: the company specialized in the transport of precious paintings, dismantled the work from its ancient frame placed above the altar and prepared all the materials for the transportation, which occured in total security. Bruce Edelstein, curator of the travelling exhibit, was present as well as other people involved in the project. Our Tommaso Santi took the chance to record to camera this very special moment!

Checking the work from close up


The painting will remain at Palazzo Pitti, Uffizi Galleries in Florence, Italy for the exhibition “ Miraculous Encounters – Pontormo from Drawning to Painting” until July 29. For the first time, the preparatory work is displayed with the final painting.

A transatlantic journey will bring the painting to New York, at the Morgan Library & Museum, from Sept. 7 to Jan 6 2019. Then it will be moved to Los Angeles, at the J. Paul Getty Museum, from Feb 5 to Apr 29. And then in Carmignano… in a home of newfound beauty (hopefully). .