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The complex is currently in a dire state of deterioration, one certainly not suitable for the structure’s rich history and artistic beauty both part of the complex and housed inside.

The first series of restoration works (1994-2000) mainly concerned the church, which consisted mainly of consolidating the structural portions. The rest of the complex underwent small, targeted interventions in order to buffer the immediate emergencies.

More than half of the buildings are in urgent need of structural interventions to address the complex’s state of deterioration, a result of time and the lack of maintenance. The situation is both critical and delicate: the crumbling roof of both the main hall and the former convent are in serious need of repair, in addition to the section’s floors. These areas and the building materials are close to breaching their limit.

Current state of the roof trusses

The roof trusses have been subject to parasitic attacks, in addition to having undergone water damage that has compromised its overall structural resistance, generating critical instability problems in the structures connected to them. The lack of solid vertical structures is also not to be underestimated, especially on the eastern side, as element that aggravates the roof’s state and the horizontal structures of the buildings mid levels. The foundations are also in need of repair and strengthening.

In short, the complex’s state of conservation is most evident in the aforementioned sections, most critically in the roof, which alone has generated the deterioration of related secondary and decorative elements. This widespread deterioration excludes the execution of simple restoration operations, but requires well-organized, targeted and complex interventions.

Restoration works foresee consolidating the walls (foundation, vertical and horizontal structures, infills), and the general restoration of the main architectural structures to ensure the structural and artistic function of the entire building complex. The restoration also involves updating electric, water and heating systems, and improving outdoor spaces.

A large room held up by emergency support in case the roof collapses

Restoration work will also regard the annexed Baroque Oratory dedicated to San Luca, currently closed due to infiltration of water.

Priority is to restore all the spaces that function to welcome both the faithful and art-loving visitors, with the goal of transforming some of the conventual spaces into a visitor center and museum called the Museo della Visitazione.

Summary of anticipated costs for the restoration of the entire complex
  • Structural works:                                   1.350.000,00€
  • General building costs:                         797.000,00€
  • Engineering costs:                                690.000,00€
  • Finishing works:                                    370.000,00€

It is estimated that priority works – addressing the church and the areas intended to become the new Museo della Visitazione – will cost €965,000 ($1.13M).