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Museum of the Visitation

The restoration of our church is being carried out with the end goal of creating a new museum that will help give a proper home to such an important painting as Pontormo’s Visitation: the Museo della Visitazione.

The future museum: The location of a work as significant as Pontormo’s Visitation must reflect and be worthy of the painting’s international prestige. Until now, the work has remained in the local church, its location since a series of architectural renovations in the eighteenth century.

After his voyage around the world for the exhibition Miraculous encounters: Pontormo from drawing to painting, the Visitation will most likely become a much-anticipated destination for art lovers worldwide. This limelight foresees increased tourism in Carmignano, an issue that should be embraced in the most efficient manner. The complex is in need of up-to-date tourism services. This includes those related to the visitor’s artistic experience, such as appropriate lighting for the work, and services linked to the practical dimension, such as a increased parking and a better security system after the increase of the work’s notoriety.

The “Diocesan Museum of the Visitation” project is an integral part of the restoration project for the entire building complex. The new museum will play a fundamental role in the redevelopment of the architectural complex, as it will not only house valuable paintings but also reliquaries, manuscripts, precious sacred objects and multimedia experiences for visitors.

The museum space will be located on the ground floor and in part of the cloisters, with the museum path terminating at Pontormo’s Visitation inside the main church.

Plans for the future Museo della visitazione

The restoration project also involves another jewel of Baroque architecture, the Compagnia di San Luca. This intimate oratory will service as the replacement for regular church services, freeing the church for museum visits.